Assets Tracking

Track valuable and presious items

Each year, millions of dollars worth of items get stolen. A lot of these assets are never recovered.  There is usually a small window of opportunity when the asset items are stored before they are sold and moved further on. The chances of recovery are greater with accurate information and early actions by the owners and authorities.

The Track.Me Assets Tracker Pro is able to track assets through out the world. When used abroad, it does not incur roaming charges. You can now easily track through Live GPS tracking any of your valuables whilst in transit or simply protect them against theft. The Asset Tracker Pro is small and light weight making it ideal to be concealed in many different ways in different locations within your valuable assets.

Track.Me Asset Tracker Pro allows you to track physical assets through easy to use GPS monitoring.

Asset tracking is made easy, where multiple assets can be tracked from the same account, our online reporting manager allows you to see live data or you can quickly download it into spreadsheet format so positions and history can be filed for reports.

Asset Tracker Pro can track valuables, precious items, key personal belongings, as well as industrial items such as plants/ devices, utilities and consumables around the world; this intelligent system can be set up to trigger tracking for motion detection, safety zone breaches and general live tracking. Assets can easily be protected using the low cost asset tracker that comes with a number of advanced functionalities and features.

Live GPS Tracking of Assets- Precious Items- Jewelery- High Value Property

Track.Me Asset Tracker Pro is ideal for live GPS tracking of high value items and preious assets. You can set up a complete 360 degree safety zone (i.e. a Geo Fence) to your required radius. Place these zones around key locations such as your residences, garages, marinas, storage facilities, airports, warehouses etc. An notification SMS and a control panel alert can be sent either when the device exits or enters these zones or for both cases.

You can set the motion detection alert so if your assets are moved you will receive an SMS alert to your chosen 3 contact numbers stating the location, date, time, battery life and a wireless connectivity link showing the location of the tracker on Google maps. An audio and visual alert also shows on your control panel at the same time.

The motion alert and Geo Fence are both fantastic features, notifying you of any unauthorised movements or route deviations which allows you to track your device only when necessary which also preserves battery life.

You can also receive position reports up to every 30 seconds, allowing you to know the precise location of your belongings at all times. This can be crucial for rapid recovery of your assets in case they are stolen. For ultimate peace of mind, use our Asset Tracker Pro.
Track.Me Asset Tracker Pro system key features

  • Small dimensions
  • Motion detection alert
  • Safety Zones alerts
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Lightweight
  • Up to 30 second live reporting
  • Reliable and Accurate
  • Live tracks from your PC and mobile phone
  • Affordable to buy and use
  • Operates worldwide with no roaming charges
  • Simple to use – works straight out of the box
  • Call your device from your phone for an instant location and battery life update via SMS
  • Long battery life: up to 14 days