People Tracking

With the ever increasing crime rates, people tracking through GPS can provide a great help in locating and safely retrieving people who might be kidnapped, or people who may require emergency assistance. People tracking can also be useful if there is someone with dimentia or other conditions that require their whereabouts to be known. People Tracker Pro is a very simple and straight forward yet highly functional GPS People Tracking system. It is small in size and lightweight,  making it ideal for anyone to use in everyday life. It is easy and convenient to conceal in clothing, handbags and luggage or even carry on a key chain. People Tracker Pro GPS tracking system is simple, cost effective and effective. It is a great  way of helping people in protecting their family and loved ones.

Live GPS tracking of Family-Children-Mates-Elderly-Friends-Patients

The People Tracker Pro can track people world wide. From the web based main control panel you can track any one with ease, as well as having full and complete control of the device. You can update settings and make changes and customize the system right from your PC or mobile device. These changes take effect immediately. Your device can be tracked up to every 10 seconds meaning real time location reports. This feature is crucial in time critical situations for a quick safe return for peace of mind and reducing risk of danger.



The tracking management control panel stores location history of all of your trackers (incase you have more than one). You can review all routes, select date and time you require, use route replay feature to trace the journey, speed and distance, as well as see the route with  Google street view (where available). This can help to build a profile of movements prior to an incident.

A very help ful feature allows you to call the People Tracker Pro GPS tracing device from your mobile phone and get an instant SMS showing its exact location, date, time, battery life and a WAP link that shows its  location on Google maps.

People Tracker Pro can be used for numerous situations mainly as a precaution such as when sons and daughters are travelling the world or on holiday and Studying away at university, or loved ones going on long journeys especially where they might need assistance in case of breakdown situations. It is especially useful in trekking and mountaineering, but can be equally useful when in a new city with unfamiliar surroundings. Or when attending a crowded event like a concert, football match or any other event.

People Tracker Pro can be helpful in protecting children. It can be placed in their school ban or clothing, you can have a lot of piece of mind knowing that you can track their location at all times. You can set up safety zones or parameters, you can make them as big or small as you like, each time the child leaves that zone you will get an alert message giving you the exact location. You can set the safety zones around the school, friend’s house, family home, and evening activities centre. It is also quite ideal for when children go on school trips, stay away from home, visiting the theme parks, shopping centres, and beaches etc.

With an aging population, the elderly may need assistance at any moment. Whether it be a trip or fall, or just being dis-oriented and confused, by knowing where they are, you can reach them and help them.

For any or all of these type of situations, by protecting their safety you reduce the risks. The SOS panic button on the device sends an instant SMS alert to your chosen numbers showing the location of the alert. An alarm and warning will also show on your control panel. Moving out of the safety zones can alert you to any unexpected routes taken, prompting a check up call.

Track.Me People Tracker Pro system key features

  • SOS Panic buttonElderly Tracking
  • Safety Zones alerts (Geo Fence)
  • Simple to use, easy to set up, and have an intuitive and easy to use internet control panel – Provides you complete control of your device
  • Call your device from your phone for an instant location and battery life update via SMS
  • Sleek design, Small dimensions, Lightweight, Long battery life – Up to 14 days tracking
  • Reliable and Accurate
  • Affordable to buy and use
  • Range of accessories – Car charge, key ring holders, protective cases
  • Infinite history replay including direction, speed, date, time, addresses, longitude and latitude for exact map positioning viewed on Google maps instantly.
  • Full access and control over your device from either your computer or your smart phone.
  • SMS alerts for battery on/off, low battery, geo fence breach, motion detection, SOS panic alarm, location update etc.
  • Real time tracking, up to 30 second live reporting
  • Operates worldwide with no roaming charges